10 Excellent Tips To Make A Short Film Video

10 Excellent Tips To Make A Short Film Video

Filmmaking is an arduous process that requires both artistic as well as management skills. As a filmmaker, you must also know about finances, filmmaking equipment, distribution channels, marketing, and so on.

If you are new in this field and want to cut your teeth by making a short film video, then you should take the services of an experienced filmmaker who would handhold you through the initial stages.

However, if you want to do it alone, then you can follow the steps we have listed below to create an amazing product worth watching.

1). Plan scrupulously

One of the most important aspects of filmmaking is planning. If you plan well, then at the time of the shooting, you would not face many problems. During the planning process, you have to look at your goal (what objectives you want to achieve).

It includes attracting more traffic to your website, posting an instructional video, and so on.

You must define your goal properly before you take the next steps in producing a short film.

Furthermore, you must also identify your audience clearly, so that you can write a script that they would find interesting and informative.

2). Screenwriting

A good storyline can make the film engaging and interesting. As a producer of a short film, you must have a tight storyline, which is simple and interesting.

While writing the script, make sure that the idea that you want to portray through your short film can occur in a short period.

You must intelligently use emotion and drama in the storyline to keep the focus of the viewers engaged throughout the film.

3). Auditioning

To make the story you have written come alive on the screen, you need good actors. You must be professional when you are selecting actors for your film.

If you make a mistake while casting the characters, it would kill your film.

A good actor can live, breathe, and play the role he or she is tasked to do and draw in the audience through his/her performance.

To find the right actors, you can either hire the services of talent agencies or give advertisements in the local newspapers and then conduct audition to select your cast members.

4). Equipment

If you are shooting a low-budget short film, then it would not be prudent to buy expensive equipment.

Many establishments offer full-frame cameras and other related equipment for hire.

Either you get the right kind of equipment from such establishments or you can shoot the entire movie through your smartphone.

Nowadays, most high-end smartphones come with highly capable cameras with multiple lenses that allow you to shoot professional-looking videos.

Many video bloggers regularly shoot amazing videos through their smartphones.

5). The perfect background

You must figure out what is the perfect background for your short film. You could either shoot the film inside a room (if the story so demands) or you can shoot it in real locations outside.

If you are on a tight budget and cannot spend money on exotic locations, then you can use the green screen and include the scene on the editing table.

However, using a green screen for location is a very complicated process and if you do not have the expertise in this field, then you should not attempt this process.

6). Great composition rules

Once the setup is ready, then start shooting. While shooting, you must follow the composition rules so that you can attract the attention of the viewers to the plot in the way you want.

There are several composition rules for film shooting and if you want a professional-looking short film, then you must brush up your knowledge about them.

7). Light and sound

Lightning and sound have a huge impact, creating a mood in a film. Dramatic lighting or sound helps in creating a situation that would convey the emotion or accentuate the feeling of that scene.

Therefore, you must buy the right lighting and sound equipment

8). Shoot small segments

Instead of shooting the entire film at a single go, it is wise to shoot the film in small segments.

When you shoot your film in small segments, then you have greater control over the process as you have only a few things to remember.

Additionally, if you do not like that segment, then you can reshoot that particular part again and not the entire film (if you want to shoot it in one go).

Furthermore, shooting the film in small segments will also help you during the postproduction process significantly.

9). Editing

A good film can be completely ruined if the editing is not done properly. It is important that editing should make the storyline appear compact and focused.

During the post-production, you may have to change the color tone of the film, add animation, or sound to make a point.

If you do not have the expertise in film editing, then we suggest that you should take the services of a good film studio to edit your film and make it look professional and well shot.

10). Uploading the video

After the film is shot and edited, the next big thing is to upload it online. You can upload it on popular social media channels like Facebook and YouTube or you can create a video website or stream it through OTT platforms.


The 10 tips that we have listed above would help you get started in the field of filmmaking. To gain expertise in it, you have to be always on your toes on each shooting day.

You must have the list of shots that you want to make ready, the script for actors to let them understand what they have to on the shooting day, and so on.

Filmmaking is not easy, whether you are shooting for a short film or a full-length movie.

The tips we have shared with you would make this task a bit easier and to gain expertise, you must seek advice from experts in this field.

It is only through a practical experience you would learn how to put an idea from the storyboard to the screen.

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