5 Most Popular Printing Techniques That Are Used All Over The World

5 Most Popular Printing Techniques That Are Used All Over The World

With the advancement in technology, new printing methods have been introduced. It means you can customize your clothes in your own way. When you want to print your garments, you should choose the right printing technique as per your needs and budget. 

It is imperative to choose the right printing technique to get the desired results. For instance, if you want custom scarves printing, you should choose the appropriate technique. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss 5 most popular printing techniques.

  • Cylinder Printing Method

The cylinder printing is a process in which the cloth is moved through the rotating central cylinder and after that this fabric is pressed by various rollers. Each roller is engraved with different patterns and these rollers are also fed with different colors. 

There are different types of machines available for the cylinder printing method. Some cylinder printing machines are also able to print event 6 different colors on the fabric at once. This type of printing method is much faster than the block printing technique. 

When the print is formed over the fabric, then this fabric is passed through a drying chamber. In this chamber, high moisture and heat are present. These both elements will help in drying out the print. 

  • Screen Printing Technique

This type of printing technique is widely popular around the whole world. In this type of printing technique, a screen is used. This screen is made up of nylon and it is placed over the metal frame. You can use this screen as a stencil by blocking off some parts. 

You can spread the ink over the stencil so that the design is created over the fabric. This type of printing technique is good for creating prints over the items that are already stitched such as a t-shirt, scarves, etc. 

In this type of printing method, a special type of ink is used. This ink is comprised of the fixative which helps in making this ink comparatively thick. 

There are different types of inks are available for the screen printing method. This type of printing technique helps in printing different designs easily. You can design custom socks with the help of the screen printing method. 

  • Heat Press Printing Technique

It is quite clear from its name that in this printing method heat and pressure are used. In the heat press printing method, the design is easily inscribed over the material with the help of heat and pressure. 

The heat press machine is comprised of the pressure controller, hot plate, clam-like handle, soft rubber, and timer. If you want to print the design over the material, you have to set the temperature of the machine from 180 to 190 degrees Celsius. 

Now, you have to place the fabric over the rubber pad, you have to place the transfer paper near to the fabric. But, you have to create the design on the transfer paper so that this paper can further create the design over the fabric. 

You should place the transfer paper in such a way that it is facing in the downward direction. Now, you have to press the clam handle for at least 13 seconds. Finally, peel off the transfer paper and your printed garment is ready. They can print alluring custom scarf design with the help of this printing method. 

  • Dye-sublimation Printing Method

The dye-sublimation printing method helps in doing full-color artwork. This type of printing technique works well with the polymer coater or polyester fabric. This type of printing technique is also known as digital sublimation. The dye sublimation printing technique is widely used for creating a unique design in decorative apparel.

In this type of printing technique, the science of sublimation is used. Heat and pressure will convert the solid form of sublimated ink into the gaseous form. The designs are formed over the transfer paper with the sublimation ink. 

A special form of transfer paper is used for creating the design over the fabric. A special form of the heat press is required for transferring the print from the transfer paper to the fabric.

  • Digital Printing Technique

The digital printing method is the latest form of printing method. Another name of this printing technique is known as direct to garment printing (DTG) technique. In this printing method, the reactive ink is used for creating designs over the textiles and garments. You can easily create attractive custom socks with this printing method.

The modified form of inkjet technology can easily penetrate the fabric. This type of printing technique is not like a screen printing method. In the digital printing technique, the printed design will not set on top of the fabric.  

This latest printing method is good for creating the design on the long length fabric. It is so because the digital printing technique helps in forming the repeat print. It is not like the screen printing technique because this type of ink is not very thin and does not comprise of fixatives.

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