6 Korean Lifestyle Tips To Follow In 2021

6 Korean Lifestyle Tips To Follow In 2021

We could see our Instagram bustling with the pictures of Korean beauties alongside their ages both women and men. And to our surprise, all of the people in the pictures look around twenty years younger than what their ages signify. This itself denotes the effectiveness of the healthy lifestyle that the Koreans follow.

Also, with the advent of K-pop, and girls and guys swooning over the Korean pop stars, the lifestyle of the people of Korea is getting much recognition. 

Koreans are highly celebrated in the fitness and beauty industry. Everyone is on a lookout to bust the secrets of their flawless skin and fit body. 

But amidst figuring these secrets what we often forget is the disciplined and highly healthy lifestyle that the Koreans follow.

So, to help you get as healthy as the residents of Korea, I have brought you some amazing tips that Koreans follow to keep themselves fit and active.

Below are the tips and tricks for you to follow and get an amazing body and skin.

  • Eating habits

There is a famous saying that you are what you eat. If you eat healthily you will feel healthy, if you’ll eat crappy food you will feel lethargic and fatigued.

The idea of fitness always lies in our eating habits and workout routine. Everyone and anyone can become healthy by just changing their lifestyle.

Koreans who are the epitome of fitness, have an extremely clean diet and their eating habits is one of the main reasons for their fitness.

Most of their meals include a variety of food items- vegetables for fibre and micro-nutrients, tofu or chicken for their protein requirements, and rice for their carbohydrate requirements. Moreover, for cooking purposes they use cold-pressed seed oils which are an extremely important and beneficial source of healthy fats for Koreans.

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Now, I am not referring to having meals just like the Koreans to attain a level of fitness, what exactly I am referring to here is the efficient division of macronutrients that one can see in the meals of the Koreans. Moreover, the inclusion of a lot of vegetables is also a take away from their diet. 

Moreover, another dietary take away from the Korean diet is the inclusion of probiotics in their diet. Probiotic in the form of Kimchi, vinegar, etc. Probiotics include healthy gut-friendly bacteria which catalyzes the process of digestion.

There are some effective takeaways from a Korean diet that could be inculcated in our eating habits and have a healthy lifestyle.

  • Active lifestyle

Driving is not that common in Korea as in other countries. What Koreans prefer as the mode of travelling is walking. Walk walk walk is the motto of Koreans when it comes to travelling. Moreover, public transport such as metros and trains are preferred over any other mode of transportation. Moreover, escalators, elevators, and lifts are not present everywhere in Korea. The usage of stairs is promoted in Korea that helps the Koreans to keep an active lifestyle. 

Even if you don’t have time to workout, Korea enforces you to keep an active lifestyle any which way. 

Thus, the takeaway here is that walking is a rescue in terms of workout for the people who do not have time to workout. And yes! Always take stairs over lifts or escalators. ALWAYS!

  • Inclusion of facemasks in your beauty routine

Now that we have talked about a healthy lifestyle. Let’s talk about beauty tips now. One could see the internet flooding with Korean beauty tips, thus that is a big indicator of how much the flawless skin of Koreans is appreciated. 

Thus one of the greatest ways that Koreans maintain their skin is through the usage of facemasks. 

Face Masks are great. In Fact, they are efficient and easy to use, and I must say that the benefits of using a face mask are numerous. Some of the benefits are – proper nourishment to the skin, hydration, and radiant face. 

A face mask could be a nifty way to get a radiating looking skin without putting any major efforts. 

Face masks are said to be a Korean beauty regime staple, and this could be inculcated in our beauty routine as well. 

  • Coffee to beat sweet cravings

Though Koreans love desserts, they are aware of the health consequences of eating excessive sugar. Thus post meals Koreans prefer either fruits or Coffee.

Though fruits are not the most healthy options to have after a meal, they are still better than desserts made of refined sugars. Moreover, Coffee if taken after meals, helps to suppress our appetite and kill the sweet cravings. 

Thus, a takeaway here would be to try to avoid sweet cravings after a meal and instead opt for coffee or fruits. Also, coffee could be great for the ones who are trying to lose weight.

  • Optimal sleeping routine

Koreans for sure are aware of keeping a balance in their life. They know how to keep their work and health both up to the mark. 

Koreans sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day, which is the optimal amount of sleep a human body needs. 

A night of sound sleep helps to promote growth in the body, and also helps the body to relax and rejuvenate at the same time. 

Thus, sound sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Body massages

We all must be aware of the amazing benefits of Body massages. Well! Koreans usually opt for visiting a massage parlor on a weekly basis and give their body and mind effective nourishment. 

In fact Korean massages are also very popular in many European countries. 

Thus, Massages could be a great way to help your body get rid of that unwanted cellulite, or just a way to relax the muscles. Moreover, Korean massages also involve face massages that help to tighten the face muscles and effectively moisturize the skin as well. 

If the long waiting hours at a spa is stopping you to get a relaxing korean massage then a salon appointment booking application such as Zoylee, could help you ditch the long waiting hours and attain nirvana through experiencing an amazing and soulful massage. 

All you will need to do is download Zoylee in your smartphones, book the time slot and the date for your massage, and voila! Your appointment is booked without any hassle and from the comfort of your home. No waiting hours, just amazing salon or spa experience. 

With this amazing booking tip and healthy Korean lifestyle habits, nothing could stop you from attaining a fit lifestyle for yourself.

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