Barista’s Guide: How to Make The Best Coffee at Home

Barista’s Guide: How to Make The Best Coffee at Home

Currently, according to the latest statistics, 30 thousand cups are served in the world per second. Although Argentina does not reach the large consumers of coffee, almost 70% of Argentines consume coffee for breakfast, and in a year they consume around 1kg per head. These values ​​have increased over the last few years, and one of the causes is due to the possibility of preparing quality coffee at home.

On the other hand, the growth of the industry gave rise to a new profession: barista. This boom requires more and more professionals who understand about the art of making coffee drinks. The barista is an expert or specialist with extensive knowledge about the types of beans and machines, flavors, preparation and preparation of the infusion.

In the framework of the 3rd Edition of the International Barista Championship organized by Café Martínez , Ariel Schegvitz , Barista Q-Grader and Brand Ambassador of the chain, it provides recommendations to become a barista at home

Essential elements for a good coffee

It does not matter with which machine the coffee is prepared, in all cases it is vitally important to be able to control the temperature of the water to be used, the amount of ground coffee and the level of granulometry. In addition, the 4 M’s must be taken into account:

Machine: Each coffee maker has its differential and it is important to know the details to improve the preparation. According to the machine, the amounts of coffee, times and type of grinding will depend.

Mill: The main difference between coffee extractions is due to the mill.

Mix: Differentiating the coffee bean, where it comes from, what origin it has, how it is roasted, how long it has been since it was roasted, is key in the result.

Hand: It is the key factor that handles all the other variables in conjunction with: knowledge, technique, precision, cleanliness and art.

How to prepare a good coffee at home?

First of all, the raw material is important. The quality of the selected coffee is the first step to achieve the best version of the drink. In Café Martínez, different coffee proposals are offered: Italian type with a very pronounced flavor with caramel tones; the alternative Brazil proposes a mild and acidic intensity; Colombia offers a milder flavor and in the case of Moka, it is the one chosen by those looking for fruity. The winning choice depends on the flavor / aroma that you want to give the infusion.


After selecting the coffee, it is important to choose the method and the grind.


Tell me which coffee machine you have and I’ll tell you how to do it

There are many types of coffee machines and they all extract a different drink. The main secret is the beans with which the coffee is prepared. It is essential that they are of good quality and have a perfect toast. That is an essential aspect when selecting a blend. Regarding grinding, normally all coffee machines have different grain sizes; for longer extractions like a French press a much coarser grind is used (similar to the touch as coarse salt) but for shorter extractions like espresso a much finer grind is used (similar to fine salt). It is advisable to think about the amount of coffee beans to use in grams for a better execution of the drink.



Drip Coffee: In this case, the result is a cup with a good taste and aroma. Its preparation will not take more than 2 – 2:30 minutes.

Electric Filter Coffee Maker: It ‘s quick and easy to use an automatic pour-over coffee machine. Ideal for preparing several cups of coffee at the same time. The result, a drink with a good taste and aroma. When the water falls in the form of rain and slowly through the ground coffee, it reaches the jug by gravity.

Coffee Makers

French Press: This method guarantees a full-bodied and textured extraction as most of the oils remain in the final extraction. In this case, it is important to add the ground coffee to the preheated carafe, slowly add the water, and make sure to moisten all the coffee.

Chemex: Drip method, where the water passes through a layer of coffee and a filter normally made of paper. Provide a clean cup of coffee; its paper filters are 20% to 30% heavier than other filters. The most interesting thing about this method is that it allows you to achieve a very balanced drink and preserves the flavor.

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Aeropress: This little device quickly brews a coffee with a great body. The tip to avoid a papery taste is to wash the aeropress with warm water, and then pre-moisten the paper filter with hot water. In addition, it is essential to add water to the cup to preheat and prevent the coffee from getting cold when it comes into contact with it.

Capsule coffee machines: These types of machines are ideal for those who enjoy different styles of coffee and want to prepare them simply, quickly and cleanly.

Cold Brew Coffee Makers: These coffee machines allow you to prepare cold coffees manually, using coarsely ground coffee. Keep in mind that to prepare these coffees it is necessary to infuse the coffee for 24 hours with water at room temperature.

For Ariel Schegvitz, the most recommended methods for the first thing in the morning are: the French press with a coarse ground coffee, or the alternative drip / filter in which a medium ground coffee should be used. This is because both preparations allow you to extract the essential oils from the coffee and start the day with pure energy.


Create your own Latte Art!

The art of coffee refers to the designs created on the surface of an espresso. There are two ways to create these designs and generally one of the methods is used, and sometimes even a combination of both.

The first method is to manipulate the flow of milk from a jug (known as free pour). The second consists of drawing designs with an instrument (or etching), with templates, powders and milk foam.

To achieve the best version it is also essential that the milk is emulsified correctly to be able to draw on the coffee, and that is why you have to choose a good quality milk that is whole and fresh.

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