Ellie Goulding Flexes Muscles: The Female Force of Power

Ellie Goulding Flexes Muscles: The Female Force of Power

Ellie Goulding the pop star has one of the best-toned bodies in the town she just crosses the line from fitness enthusiast to fitness addict. Well, we all know that when it comes to addiction-like sex, drugs, alcohol and all other things have been covered by media but discussion on some good topics like the addiction of fitness is still rare to know there are lots of celebs who have been most honest about their weight loss journey but the addictive and destructive side of fitness still remains under the radar.

But Ellie Goulding opens up about her addiction to fitness she revealed that how fitness becomes the most important part of her life she says that I am so severe for this like working out is the number one priority in my life and I spend all my free time doing the workout. She always maintained a sexy toned figure and never compromises with her fitness Ellie’s obsession for fitness is obviously great so let’s look at what she actually does for this.

Ellie Goulding Workout Routine and Diet plan.

Apart from her perfect hits, Ellie also is known for her fitness regime that keeps her fit and classy she has bee working out for quite a long time, there was not so much support for her fitness in the starting but people get inspired by her and loves it so we must see Ellie’s workout and diet plan so we can learn from that,

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Her workout routine will leave you in excitement and tired as hell on the same time because she does some power-packed and intense workout and she brings the fitness to another level the best part of her dedication is that she never miss the workout whether she is on-road someplace pr at her home if she is not able to do time for the whole session, so she goes for some cardio and yoga.

  • Ellie’s Morning Routine

The very first thing Ellie does in the morning is a yoga workout or going for a run. Mostly she prefers yoga in the morning as she runs while doing the cardio workout at the gym. Ellie revealed once that she uses to take online yoga classes which were good you can choose the time difficulty level and the workout according to your convinces in those classes.

  • Cardio Session

In her cardio session Ellie mostly does sprints she said that I am the long runner. I like to run as fast as I can at a maximum speed of 30 seconds to a minute. It can genuinely improve your stamina and also good for your calories burn Ellie does up to five or ten sprints at leats with warm-up and cool down.

  • Weight Training¬†

Ellie performs a lot of weight training exercises she mostly goes with pushups, burpees, squats, and sidekicks she loves to do the high-intensity training in which she sweats a lot so that she can fight with her extra calories. she does a workout in the gym for about three to four days a week, and each day she trains for an hour to an hour and a half.

  • Love for Boxing

When Ellie doesn’t go to the gym for weight training she does boxing training this helps her to build stamina, speed and made her a more influential person. she does 30 minutes to an hour boxing session 3 days a week.

If we talk about her diet plan so she is pure vegetarian and her diet plan mostly consists of eating vegetables, plants, oats, whole grain foods. she loves to enjoy her veg foods and she enjoyed it a lot it gives her the best results as well as provides her with the nutrition she wants but she also enjoys a couple of cheat meal sometimes she takes burger and pizzas sometimes with her husband but does work out more to burn the calories.

Ellie takes a supplement like a protein shake, she loves making smoothies with different styles ad she add the protein shake with smoothies and enjoys also for learning te muscles Ellie take vega protein that helps her stay fit and energize and the love of water is initial as she loves the drinking water and keeps her body hydrated throughout the day.

Ellie gives her best in both her favourite things she never compromises her career for her fitness or her addiction also she never compromises for her fitness as well. 

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