Erase or Embrace? Postcolonialism: A Struggle against the Eternal Slavery!

Erase or Embrace? Postcolonialism: A Struggle against the Eternal Slavery!

For creating a resilient bond of slavery, even across vast distances, what is needed is imprisonment of people’s thoughts. Any form of physical force can be used to crush the active resistance of the masses. However, it is impossible to destroy their will to fight with mere brutality. 

Any action taken against a struggle for someone’s rights can only succeed if it targets their minds. The oppressors will then be able to have an upper hand as they take control of people’s thoughts. And drive them according to their desires, not giving enough freedom to stop and think about their situation. It is quite a successful strategy for enslaving whole nations as the victims are unaware of any such interference.

Colonialism not only dominated different regions in the past but continues to seep into their inhabitants to this day. The only way to break its shackles is erasing the particular mindsets that have been nurtured by it. The society as a whole, needs to identify and annihilate those elements which use post-colonialism thinking as a tool. People use it to obtain power and for personal gain while justifying immoralities it the process. 

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If studied closely, decolonization is a complex process that leaves its traces behind till the end of time. It is tricky to uproot its resulting behavior patterns from the lives of people who have survived it. And it does not stop with the mere removal of foreign domination and its replacement by indigenous autonomy. Society is so deeply damaged that it begins using it as an excuse to shirk their duties and moral responsibilities. 

True decolonization can only take place if people attempt to drag themselves from under its lingering shadow. It is about erasing those negative traditions and beliefs that have become a part of their culture. Eliminating those aspects which lead to injustices and suppression of free will. Recognizing and escaping the chains of mental slavery is what brings about a genuine freedom from colonialism. However, this is precisely what is near impossible to accomplish in a region suffering from post-colonialism. An enslaved mind is often unable to look past the illusion of freedom created by these dominating forces.

By now it must be evident that the “post” in the term postcolonialism, does not suggest an end of colonialism. Its impacts and effects reverberate on to even the generations which come after it. In its aftermath, the areas ravaged by it are all but incapable of going forward as nation. Postcolonial independence gives birth to conflicts of power between ethnic groups. They struggle for domination and authority and weaken the very foundations the state.

Although post-colonialism refers to a future that succeeds colonialism, new forms of subordination and domination appear in its wake. Such as issues over territorial boundaries as in the case of the Kashmir conflict between Pakistan and India. More problems include unequal distribution of wealth, unfair treatment of indigenous groups, and formation of non-democratic government systems. It is essential to understand the historical factors that influence these problems in order to fully comprehend post-colonial effects.

During the period of expansion, the Soviet and Western European powers advanced relentlessly. They did so without much regard for the inhabitants of the controlled regions. Neither did they take into account any cultural or geographical boundaries which existed there. Populations that identified themselves distinctly were forcefully bundled into having a single unified identity. This trod upon the religious, cultural, and ethnic heritage which belonged to inhabitants of those areas.

There were direct violations of human rights as particular populations were targeted. While others were given favor over them. It denied the suffering groups any economic, social, and political rights. This promoted in open ethnic rivalry and horrific crimes against humanity. These practices have echoed on till today in post-colonial governments. They use the unjust policies and practices as a means to preserve a dominating status. 

The restrictive and repressive regimes of colonialism seep into the mental states of all who reside within it. And they are so controlled by it that they cannot look towards building a state upon different principles. The ones in authority continue to abuse it and climb further on the status quo. While the suppressed are brought lower with the passing of each generation. 

Acknowledging the past is the only way to come up with solutions for post-colonialism conflicts. Being aware and the willingness to evolve social systems are key to be free from colonial clutches. The new generation needs to be steered in the right direction to find ways to battle the poisonous influences. For more quality content like this, reach out to assignment help Sydney. We have professional writing experts on hand to provide academic material on any subject. assignment writing services Sydney Australia delivers the best essays and assignments within the required time for most affordable prices.                 

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