How To Drive Relevant Traffic Towards Your Website

How To Drive Relevant Traffic Towards Your Website

Any business or enterprise needs to own a website.

Consider your company launches a product. If you do not show it to the world, how do you expect to sell it? A website gives you a platform to showcase your products and your company on the digital platform. It also helps in driving the audience towards your company.

About 57% of people tend to search for a company or store on the internet before visiting it.

This is why you should not only have a website, but you must also learn how to optimize it so that you can make people come and visit your site.

What happens if they visit your website?

Learning how to drive an audience towards your website can help you analyze everything about your digital marketing, what kind of response your products are getting in the market, analyze the conversion and optimize it accordingly so that it grows.

You also get to work on your search engine optimization. You get to understand your audience and what they want. You can thereby end up increasing your conversion rates, generate more leads, and gather more customers!

The right way of driving traffic towards your website is to encourage the right kind of audience towards your website. For example, someone who is about sixty and retired might not be interested in your recent start-up, which is why you should know your Target Audience accurately.

Quality over Quantity

You should be more focused on driving the right kind of traffic towards your website. Having a good number of traffic towards your site would make your page rank higher in the search engine results page. You end up getting more views, and you can test your audience engagement and ultimately increase your conversion rates!

Your goal is to drive that kind of customer who can convert into leads. Give your customers what they are looking for. You can also add “call to actions” after every content. This is good for your audience engagement. Optimize your website according to the kind of audience you want.

Some Channels That Can Drive Traffic Towards Your Website

You should know that no channel is an ultimate set-it-and-forget-it thing. It requires a lot of time, engagement from other platforms, money, and effort to get the best results and the kinds that you are looking for. Also, there are several services like WordPress website design company that give you better traffic results to your website. Have a look at some channels that tend to serve your purpose:

  • Email

  • Social media marketing (SMM)

  • On-page SEO

  • Off-page SEO

  • Blogging

  • Online ads

  • Online directory listings

How Can Google Serve Your Need

Google My Business listing

Google introduces a tool to link your listings to your website. Google my business listings get seven times more visits by users on their platform. They directly link the listings over there to your site. So imagine the kind of engagement you can get from there. So make sure you optimize your listings accordingly.

Google is getting better every day. If you provide your listings in the right way, which gives all the necessary information about a product to a potential customer viewing it on My Business page, you might as well get a call directly. Even better, isn’t it?

On -Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimize our page in a way that it gets a higher ranking on Google.

What happens if your page gets a higher ranking?

You can attract potential customers when they click on your page and visit your website. And how will they do that?

Make sure you are providing the information that they are looking for. Use various tools like Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Search to find out the proper keywords for your blog posts. Decrease your page loading time. Add an attractive meta description to your posts. Link your page to other relevant pages.

Some Free Ways To Achieve Your Target

Online Directories

Getting listed on the online directories can help drive essential and relevant traffic towards you. These listings on the online directories have your website links against your listing. This can help people to visit your site if their need is, directly from the directories.

Social Media

You may realize the power of social media if you are into digital marketing. You can promote or post relevant blogs on your social media profile.

If you talk about a product to a friend in person, they will promote it to 5 other friends in person. But if you talk about it to a friend on social media, they will develop their products on 500 other platforms which have a lot of reaches. You get public engagement as well as the relevant audience who would be interested in your website. They will automatically come to you on their own.


If Google sees that other reputable and trusted sites are referring to your website, in other words, if you put some backlinks which would connect your pages together, your website gets a higher rank.

This doesn’t mean crowding your site with a lot of links like Wikipedia does. This would unnecessarily increase the readability. About 4-5 links in one page would do the trick.

Power of Hashtags

Your aim is to have more eyes on your links. Hashtags increase the exposure of your post, making it visible to a lot of people at once.

It is definitely a good thing to include some hashtags in your social media posts. If the audience finds your website engaging enough, you will see an automatic increase in the conversion rates.

Go For Long-tail Keywords

Short-tail keywords do have a lot of competition. They are searched often by the users. But this is why it is recommended for you to include long-tail keywords in your blog posts to have higher ranking even on the first page. And more traffic means more people to visit your page.

Email Marketing

If your company is giving out some offers or discounts, start promoting them to your audience by sending them emails. Start sending them newsletters, check up on them often. Make your target audience remember you. Sending emails to them is an excellent way to keep yourself in their minds. You can always pop up, in the middle of the day, when they are not even thinking about you!


So those were about seven free ways by which you can drive relevant traffic towards your website.

Your target is to increase engagement as much as possible. There are other paid ways to increase traffic as well, like Google Search Analytics, Google Search Advertising, Google Maps Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Display Advertising, Retargeting, etc.

Avoid using tools that enable you to have instant traffic towards your website. Your site can end up getting banned, your traffic doesn’t get targeted, and these can hurt your rankings too.

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