10 Benefits of Undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

10 Benefits of Undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

One of the most talked-about alternative treatments, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is aimed at enhancing the natural healing property of a body. 

During a typical HBOT session, the patient is subjected to a pressurized chamber and breathes in 100 percent pure oxygen. 

The efficacy of hyperbaric therapy in immunity is directly linked to the oxygen absorbed straight into the bloodstream, thus enhancing the regular healing functions, fighting injuries, and infection. 

“Hyper” which means increased, and ”baric” referring to pressure works on the principle of increasing blood circulation and boosting the oxygenation to repair damaged blood vessels and trigger collagen growth.

Inside a hyperbaric chamber, a person breathes anywhere between 200-240 percent of pure, unadulterated oxygen. With regular sessions, the oxygen intake inside the body leads to angiogenesis or the formation of new blood vessels. 

HBOT has been also recognized and approved by the FDA for a string of diseases, which further establishes its efficacy at large. 

In this post, we take a look at ten such benefits of HBOT. 

Reduces Inflammation 

As mentioned earlier, HBOT is known to create an atmosphere that is rich in oxygen. With increased blood flow, it starts to work on inflamed tissues to bring them back to the normal state. 

 Several medical studies have depicted how HBOT has helped to bring about a marked improvement in case of extreme cases of swelling or inflammation.

Boosts Immunity 

Multiple clinical trials have confirmed the befitting outcome of hyperbaric therapy in immunity. 

The presence of a rich oxygen-filled environment inside a hyperbaric chamber is known to enhance the natural immune response of the human body. 

In essence, it has made it possible to significantly reduce the symptoms of autoimmune diseases like lymphadenopathy, lupus, and erythema to name a few. 

Additionally, HBOT also functions to disable toxins generated by a certain group of bacteria. 

 Alleviates Nerve Pain

For people suffering from neuropathy, the underlying causes can be other medical conditions, like diabetes for instance. Additionally, poor blood circulation and deficiency of vitamins can also lead to chronic episodes of nerve pain. 

HBOT, when administered at an optimum level, has shown positive outcomes for neuropathy conditions. In some cases, the patients have also experienced regrowth of peripheral nerves after prolonged treatment. 

Recovery From Athletic Injuries 

It’s no secret how some of the biggest names in sports have resorted to HBOT from time to time. 

Considering the role of hyperbaric therapy in immunity, it has helped athletes return to their game following a field injury faster, with significantly increased stamina. 

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However, in this case, the intervention and guidance of a qualified healthcare professional are utmost recommended.

Plays An Important Role In Fighting Cancer 

Cancer, often regarded among the top life-threatening diseases, sees chemotherapy and radiation as conventional treatment options. 

However, studies have shown that HBOT can bring about a significant change and inhibit the spread of cancer cells.
Besides, HBOT can also bring respite from multiple side effects of chemotherapy. 

Improving The Lives Of Autistic Children 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or more popularly known as Autism, can be quite a challenging medical condition for both a child and the family. HBOT has brought about a significant change in bettering the conditions of an autistic child, especially in terms of cognitive awareness, eye contact, hand movements, and communication. 

Speeds The Healing Of Wounds 

It’s quite common for wounds to take time in healing, especially the open ones. The underlying causes can be linked to a suppressed immune system. At times, some wounds can be serious and become resistant to conventional forms of treatment. 

Hyperbaric therapy in immunity bringing about a change in oxygenation levels can offer a better chance to seal up wounds faster. 

Reducing Discomfort In Air Embolism Cases

Air embolism occurs when gas bubbles intervene in the bloodstream, resulting in several painful conditions, and even fatal ones like stroke. 

Air or gas embolism is one out of thirteen medical conditions approved by the FDA for HBOT.

According to Boyle’s law, the size of a gas bubble within a liquid decreases with an increase in pressure, which can cure arterial air embolism. 

Treat Cases Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning  

Reportedly, a considerable number of people get poisoned by carbon monoxide each year. 

A significant lot are chronic exposures that result in a heavy build-up of carbon monoxide within the body and have symptoms like reduced cognitive functioning and severe to moderate headaches. 

HBOT helps create an oxygen-rich environment to lessen carbon monoxide levels and reduce inflammation around the brain areas.

Attenuates TBI Symptoms
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) sees a million cases around the world arising out of incidents like car crashes, serious falls and slips, mental trauma, and more. 

At the outset, TBI is one of the most challenging medical conditions and has often left medical professionals baffled. 

In recent studies, HBOT has shown positive effects in improving the condition of suffering patients. With regular sessions, the oxygen intake increases the blood flow across the deprived areas of the brain.  

In Conclusion

While people debate the role of hyperbaric therapy in immunity, it has turned out to be phenomenally beneficial for a multitude of medical conditions. However, its limited availability leading to expensive treatment makes it a far cry for most patients. 

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