Is Inspired Action An Important Part Of The Manifestation Process?

Is Inspired Action An Important Part Of The Manifestation Process?

After becoming clear about what it is that they want to attain, or experience, someone may believe that the next step will be for them to have the right thoughts. Through ‘thinking positive’, what they desire will show up.

If they have this outlook, it is likely to show that they have been following the law of attraction teachings. According to these teachings, the key will be for them to have the right thoughts so that they can ‘attract’ what they want into their life.

The Cause

They are likely to have been told that their thoughts create their feelings, which is why they will need to have the right thoughts. Their feelings, like their thoughts, will be a powerful part of the manifestation process.

Thus, whenever they experience ‘negative’ feelings, it will only be because they have been thinking ‘negative’ thoughts. Depending on what it is that they desire, it might not be long until what they want shows up.

A Frustrating Time

Then again, they may find that that the weeks and months go by, but very little takes place. As a result of this, they will probably find that it becomes increasingly difficult for them to stay positive.

Instead, they may find that they start to feel frustrated and angry, and end up questioning if they have any control over their life. They will have done the ‘right’ things, only for their life to stay the same or only marginally improve.

A Closer Look

Out of their need to have the right thoughts, there is the chance that they have ended up repressing how they truly feel. The reason for this is while their thoughts can create how they feel; they can also trigger feelings that are held in their emotional body.

These feelings, the feelings that have been pushed out of their awareness, will have an effect on how they experience life. Their resonance will be affected by these feelings, with their resonance defining what they can, or can’t, experience.

Two Areas

With this in mind, simply changing their thoughts is not always going to change how they feel. At times, what this will do is just cause them to disconnect from how they feel and then for these feelings to shape their life from behind the scenes, so to speak.

Without understanding the impact that these feelings are having, it will seem as though something ‘out there’ is influencing their life. Another way to look at this would be to say that it is not just about what is taking place in their conscious mind; it is also about what is taking place in their unconscious mind.

Another Part

Further, being in the right state is not going to be enough; it will also be necessary for them to take action. This is not to say that this is just about them taking action; so taking action just for the sake of taking action is not the answer.

What this is about is them taking inspired action; an action that is taken after having felt an inner nudge or calling to do something. This need will have come from their body as opposed to their mind.


When they feel the nudge or call to do something, their mind might not understand what is going on. Due to this, it might even try to stop them from taking action altogether.

To their mind, taking a certain action could be seen as a waste of time or even dangerous. This part of them will just want to keep them safe – and what is familiar is what will be classed as what is safe to this part of them – it is not that it actually wants to sabotage their life.

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