Make A Milestone In ICAI Results With Best CA Coaching In India

Make A Milestone In ICAI Results With Best CA Coaching In India

The CA is now becoming the most favorite career choice among the young generations to opt for the government’s opportunity and in public sectors at very attractive salary packages. After clearing the 12 students, they have to prepare for the CA foundation level, which is the initial stage in the CA journey. Clearing the level is not just enough, but the students should be very conceptualized about the topics and subjects to make further journeys efficiently. Hence it is recommended to be guided by the Best CA Coaching In India with every CA stage. 

VSI institute is well known for its best CA coaching faculty and previous achievements and is one of the top institutes of CA coaching in India. VSI, since the last 8 years is ready for the best CA guidance for every dedicated CA aspirant. Having the best teaching faculty that is ready to make every possible support to each student by emotional and moral values. Study with Best CA Coaching In India that is here to make your future shine. 

What is CA, and How is it regulated?

What is CA, and How is it regulated?

The Charted accountants are the associate members of ICAI. They are the well known professional body for the huge demands in private or government sectors. CA are the backbone of any industry or MNCs. ICAI, CA’s regulating body in India, is responsible for all activities, including organizing exams, results and issuing certified to all successful CA aspirants. ICAI is also responsible for the CA syllabus in each stage of examination. All CA aspirants should be in regular touch with ICAI notifications to update the latest notifications about CA exams. Know how one can crack CA with top performances. 

How can VSI help you in CA Exams? 

VSI, the Best CA Coaching Institute In India, is well known for its best and excellent results in ICAI exams every year as the best coaching institute in India for CA coaching. VSI has the most skilled faculty and very supporting staff. Trusted by the thousands of students who are really passionate about their career. 

The VSI as the Best Coaching For CA In India not only helps you in studying but also make you aware of the concepts in a practical manner where most of the institution are lacking far behind. Each VSI students are ready to deal with theoretical situations in the practical world. 

You should know, how much VSI teaching techniques are efficient to get the best results in ICAI examinations every year. 

VSI Achievements

VSI has produced the 6 times 1st AIR in the last 8 years. VSI classroom students secured nearly every best top rank in ICAI results. In each level of CA examination, VSI has made the milestone with top results. Let’s meet the VSI miracles of the previous year of the ICAI exam. 

VSI CA Foundation Stage

VSI CA Foundation Stage

VSI students secured very impressive results in the CA foundation as it only allows a very limited number of students. 

The Best CA Coaching In India, VSI has produced 100% successful results in the CA foundation exam, having a total of 275 students out of which 22 secured best AIR and the rest all are clear in the first attempt only. 

In 2019 ICAI results only, VSI student Harshita Sharma secured the 12th AIR and proud of the institution. In total 27 students made an admirable place in the top 50 best AIR. 

The CA foundation exams have two theoretical and two objective papers; hence, students must prepare accordingly. VSI only allows top rankers and successful students for the next stage of CA intermediate. 

VSI CA Intermediate Results

VSI CA Intermediate Results

The second stage in the CA journey is that of CA intermediate. After successfully clearing the CA foundation level, students have a duration of nearly 8 months to prepare for the intermediate level. This stage consists of a huge and difficult syllabus that must study conceptually. 

VSI designed the very precise teaching structure to get clear the Intermediate level with admirable marks. One must be aligned to VSI for preparing for the Intermediate level. 

Due to the very strict study pattern of VSI, the students made milestones in the ICAI results history.  

VSI students made the 4 times 1st AIR in the last 6 years in CA IPCC/Intermediate levels. 

In May 2019, CA intermediate exams, VSI student has secured ever highest marks and 1st AIR. Akshat Goyal made the milestone with 92.5% marks out of 800, the highest ever in the history of ICAI results. This what VSI is known for. 

VSI CA Final Results

VSI CA Final Results

VSI as the Best CA Coaching In India, has proved itself for very impressive results and remarkable achievements in the last 8 years. 

CA final exams are held after completing the articulate training of 2.5 years and skill development courses and a very difficult syllabus. It should be prepared under the proper guidance of the best institute like VSI. 

Atul Agrawal secured 1st AIR in May 2018 CA Final exams. 

In 2019 May CA Final results, again Ajay Agrawal, VSI regular classroom student, secured 1st AIR with ever highest marks of 81.2% in the history of ICAI results. 

Every student can make similar results; only dedication and proper guidance are required to crack any CA exam stage. 

Why Should One has to Align with VSI Jaipur?

For better guidance under an expert teaching faculty and regular inspection of your preparation level, one should seek the Best CA Coaching In India. Have a look on the following feature of VSI and know why you should study with VSI only;


  • VSI has the best skilled and most experienced teaching faculty for CA coaching in India. 
  • Provide the facility of Pendrive in case students cannot attend regular classes. 
  • VSI Jaipur offers a distance learning program through online classes. For the students in remote areas and unable to attend classroom lectures
  • Known for the highest selection ratio and the consistency of best results every year. 
  • It provides the best study material for all the students other than classroom lectures.  
  • Regular Mock test series are conducted to make students aware of the ICAI paper pattern and the most important topics. 
  • VSI charges the most affordable fees, entirely in accordance with middle-class budgets. 


The CA exams are the toughest exams than any other entrance exams in India. For successfully clearing the CA exams with admirable marks, students should have the proper guidance under the best teaching faculty like that of VSI. VSI is the best CA coaching institute in India that has the highest selection ratio than any other institution has. Get enrolled with VSI for better guidance to clear the CA exam. 

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