Men’s Jackets That Are On The Rise For Winter 2020

Men’s Jackets That Are On The Rise For Winter 2020

Winter is already coming! And if you want to prepare to face the cold in style, it is worth knowing the jacket models that are on the rise this year.

Bomber Jacket:

The bomber jacket is literally out and about this fall/winter. It is a great jacket option to use in places where it is not so cold. Because they are lighter and generally more basic, they combine with various types of looks. The current models have prints, both in front and back.

The triumphant return is from Bomber Jackets or simply Jackets. This return is mainly due to the bets of the big brands in the last weeks of fashion. A large portion of them bet on the jacket as a different item in their collections. Of course, the jacket is a casual/informal item, but even so, there is a multitude of combinations that can be made with it. However, this return is marked by modern touches: sleeves in colors that contrast with the rest of the piece, floral prints, and other types of prints, often associated with large collars and detailed zippers. These touches unite the classic shape of the jacket with new styles creating a new look for this extremely traditional piece.

Varsity Jacket:

The Varsity Jackets are the classic jackets that appeared in American universities, marked by the sleeve of just one color. And every fall/winter they appear with new models, colors, fabrics, cuts, but always maintaining their high school essence. It is a great jacket option for the Brazilian winter, as it can be used in different styles, open or closed, from social to strip.

Track Jackets:

With the current trend of making a reinterpretation of the pieces that were successful in the 90’s, the sports jacket, known worldwide as “Track Jacket”, returned with everything this year. Especially the models of jackets that bring the retro style.

Denim Jacket:

Jeans never go out of style and that includes the denim jacket. This winter they are always welcome! Currently, they are appearing with the destroyed trend and/or with patches.

Jacket with fur lining:

Jackets with synthetic sheepskin or wool lining are a fashion rescue. They have remained missing for years and now promise to be one of the best of winter 2020.

It is an excellent jacket option to use in places where the cold is very intense!

Puffer Jacket:

Puffer jackets are those fluffy jackets that look like they have been “inflated”. They are great for the cold, as well as being extremely light and taking up little space in the suitcase.

It also serves as a good option to match all types of looks.

Leather jacket:

The leather jacket is an icon! I consider it a piece that every man needs to have in his wardrobe.

The cool thing is that the leather jacket gives a touch of attitude to the look and fits any type of combination, from social to casual.

Like the seasons, in fashion trends come and go, in an infinite cyclical process. And it is in this way that fashion pays homage to its past while revolutionizing the present.

What jackets do you already have in your wardrobe?

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