How music can change our adult brain

How music can change our adult brain

Adults face day to day stresses from work and different other things. We often look for things that can help us relax and forget these stresses. Relaxation comes in many forms; it may be grand like taking long vacations or small things like listening to your favorite song. We are all aware how listening to music, no matter what genre, helps us relax a bit. 

There is much research proving how music can help us in many ways. It may not always be that obvious but listening or engaging in anything that involves music is something really beneficial for our well-being. Therefore, in this article we will talk about how engaging in music like enrolling in violin lessons Singapore adults sessions and kid sessions can change our brain. 

Changes in the brain Scientific research has shown that there is a significant difference between the brain of a musician vs a non-musician. Specifically, a part of the brain is significantly larger in musicians than those who are not. This part is called the corpus callosum, a massive bundle of nerve fibers connecting the two hemispheres of the brain. In addition, some studies showed that those who have engaged in musical activities like violin class Singapore sessions for at least 14 months have more reliable structural and functional brain changes.

Other studies have proved that engaging in musical training like violin class Singapore can enhance verbal memory, literacy, and spatial reasoning. Some studies even say that even those who have little musical exposure exhibit significant after-effects. For example, they can process speech sounds better than those who did not have any exposure to musical training like violin lessons Singapore adults’ sessions and kid sessions. They are also more resilient to age-related decline in hearing.

Other ways it can affect or change our brain

Improves creativity

Many studies suggest that listening to music or engaging in music related activities such as violin class Singapore sessions can help improve creativity. This is because music serves as an exercise to your brain. It ticks certain parts of your brain that are specifically for the arts. A few studies also suggest that listening to happy music triggers our divergent thinking, one of the key elements to creative thinking. Doing this also triggers the problem-solving parts of the brain that increase creativity. Another usual music genre used to help improve creativity is classical music. With this, enrolling in violin lessons Singapore adults’ classes can be a big help to adults.

Boost productivity

Just like with creativity, studies found that music stimulates parts of the brain that help improve productivity in many different ways. Listening to music can help us trigger the secretion of adrenaline and other hormones that can help improve mental focus and even physical energy levels. That is why we are more motivated to finish that workout in the gym while we are listening to our favorite upbeat music.

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This adrenaline pump provides more thought clarity, increased levels of energy, and better focus affecting the levels of your productivity. For example, when you find your violin lessons Singapore adults sessions enjoyable, it releases an adrenaline boost that helps you focus more on the violin class Singapore sessions.

Boost memory

As we grow old, we tend to easily forget things. However, people who were exposed to music growing up or even in later stages showed significant differences when it comes to memory retention compared to those who are not musically exposed. According to the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University, listening to music improves memory and reading skills as they are related via common neural and cognitive mechanisms.

Improve EQ or Emotional Quotient

Our emotional quotient is just as important as our IQ. Our EQ somehow determines how deep we can empathize and feel for others. For example, music trains our brain in a way that we can feel for others more effectively based on the music that they like or do not like. We can easily tell what are the current emotions of the people around us as we observe the music they are listening to. It serves as a brain exercise as well. It helps us strengthen our bonds with others. For example, you can build connections with people in your violin class Singapore sessions. 

Improve mental state

Listening to music improves your overall mental state. As it immediately lifts our mood once we start listening to that favorite track or when we start violin lessons Singapore adults’ classes. We all know that depression and anxiety are brain conditions that are affected by hormonal imbalances. It is proven that listening to music helps reduce one’s anxiety and depression. A case that studied cancer patients said that listening to and playing music reduces their illness-induced anxiety. 

Improve with us.

It is not too late when you want to learn new skills or want to improve your thinking capacity. With Violin Lessons Singapore, you can learn more than you already do. Being an adult, no matter what age, should not be an excuse when trying out new things and trying to improve one’s self.

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