Road Rage: Verbal, Quiet, & Epic (Criminal/Violent)

Road Rage: Verbal, Quiet, & Epic (Criminal/Violent)

The road is one of the most dangerous moments in the driving duration. Once you experience it, beware and know what’s under attack. It is your safety and the safety of the fellow drivers. Realize that there’s no one that has wronged you and if you have truly been wronged, then bear patience as the road is not the place to get your revenge.

However, there are three types of road rage. All of which is neither good for the driver and nor for the fellow road users. It is better to know each type and even better to avoid acting in accordance with any single one of them.

So without further ado, let us discuss:

Three types of Road Rage

Road rage is a wave of sudden anger that is felt by the driver. This anger can try to rationalize, or rather we should say justify itself in perhaps, a very wrong way. The driver feels as if he or she has been wronged in one way or another by his or her fellow drivers on the road. Therefore, a fit of proper anger may arise and the driver may commit an unlawful act in the ‘heat of passion’.

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However, there are 3 types of Road Rage.

  1. Verbal Road Rage:

This is where the driver verbally starts expressing the frustration and anger that is being experienced. This verbal provocation can further mess cause a messy environment. Therefore, it is best to stay away from such “‘heats’ of passion” and realize whether someone has really wronged you or not. If someone has really wronged you, then you need to bear patience and forgive. For example, if someone has overtaken you, you can say to yourself ‘it’s okay, I’ll reach home 1 car distance late’. This is better than to never reach home or reach home 4 months from then.

  1. Quiet Road Rage:

The driver’s also realization is no different in this case. The driver may still feel as if he or she has been wronged in some manner or that they need to channel their frustration on the road. However, in this case, what’s different is the manifestation and how the anger is channeled. In Quiet Road Rage, the driver tends to remain quiet and act aggressively. This is where the driver starts overtaking or swerving on the road. This can also lead to some serious consequences. And when you experience something similar, then realize that it is better to remain wise and controlled rather than to be fanatic and stupid.

  1. Epic Road Rage:

This is one violent way to express one’s anger when the driver starts chasing and perhaps may even start shooting. This is when the limits are crossed beyond fines and there’s one place to treat this driver: jail. This is something that you have probably seen in an action movie, and an ideal prayer would be that you may only see such a scenario in an action movie. It is because if you see it happening on the road, find a safe spot and call the police. Report them immediately.


Road rage is not a good thing. Once you experience it, try to control it better the next time. It is because if it can get the best of you once, then it can take a piece of you with it the next time. So before it controls you, you should control it and seek professional help if you are constantly unable to keep it under control.

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