Scrum Project Management: Pros and Cons

Scrum Project Management: Pros and Cons

The development of a complex and innovative framework which works very well for Scrum. Before jumping into pros and cons lets understand scrum in detail.

The best strategies and methods for employing the industries for decision-makers. In the IT world the methodologies which help the agile software development with amazing benefits. The agile development is the subset of scrum methodologies.

As per the agile principles, there is a team employing the methodologies with the self-organize modification changes quickly. The information exchange the managing process by scrum master with possible manner were it handles the operations. They procured the practices where the result have been produced by scrum methodologies. The expert of scrum methodologies which bring the reputed training in the organization. It is estimated that the average pay of Scrum Master is $82,556 per year. They change the way they operate the new environment with expert scrum master.

Here Is an Overview of the Scrum Framework

  • They have the necessary tasks to be prioritized where they create the product backlog of the product owner in the project.
  • To complete the tasks of the necessary item where they conduct sprint planning by the scrum team where they wish list the product that manages and maintains the chunks.
  • They plan and implement the sprint backlog which is created by teams
  • Every sprint time duration is recorded by teams with proper intervals which is carried out every two weeks.
  • They have the scrum meeting every day by the team which is usually carried daily by stand up meetings by every member and shares daily updates. With the help of team and project progress.
  • They keep the team focused and motivated by a certified scrum master.
  • They conduct the review by the product owner and stakeholders in every team.

The product development project cycle of the scrum team where the roles are mentioned by the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Scrum team with the major role of the framework.

Scrum Project Management Pros and Cons

Pros of Scrum

  • Scrum can help teams complete project deliverables quickly and efficiently
  • They have the effective use of time and money by scrum.
  • They divide by manageable sprint of larger projects.
  • The sprint review is tested and coded by development.
  • The development project and works are fast-moving.
  • Through scrum meetings, they get clarity and visibility.
  • The customers and stakeholders are adopted by scrum, feedback, and agile.
  • They enable the feedback changes with a short sprint.
  • The effort of the individual is visible by scrum meetings.

Cons of Scrum

They have many disadvantages of the scrum framework

There is no exception to scrum methodologies where few cases of scrum are combined by the techniques of project management and few drawbacks are mentioned below.

  • Due to lack of end-date definitely which often leads to scope creep.
  • The failure of modification projects with highly committed and cooperative individuals.
  • The large team is challenging by adopting the Scrum framework.
  • By the experienced team member, they have a successful framework.
  • Frustrated team members have daily meetings.
  • They have a huge impact on the business if the team members leave the project in the middle.
  • The team goes into the aggressive testing process where the implementation of quality is very hard.

The advantages of scrum technology are listed below:

  1. Rectifying the mistakes which are very considerable by scrum methodologies
  2. The process throughout the development is very visible throughout the process
  3. They consist of the short sprint which makes you easy for changes and also for feedback
  4. They increase the flexibility of scrum methodologies with proper changes required.
  5. They ensure the best results with scrum methodologies.
  6. They comprise the results which are lightweight and get the updates of the process with a regular meeting.
  7. The outcome has better quality and results with a simple and fast procedure.
  8. They require continuous feedback with the betterment of the process.
  9. They have a daily meeting that incorporates the problems and resolving solutions.


They need to have the proper planning and smart decision which helps you with scrum methodologies. They have defined roles and responsibilities, with high quality with no excuse. They have the proper goals with the focus team. They have the proper team with a more effective way to achieve project success. It is very essential for hiring the criterion with agile scrum roles of certified scrum master. Sprintzeal provides you the reputed training and detailed guidance of Agile Scrum.

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