Singapore Certificate of Incorporation

Singapore Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation is a legal document which is required at the time of formation of a company.  It is like a license of the company which is issued by the state government.

The private company is measured according to the shares which are held by the shareholders in accordance with the creditors limit. A private company is not liable to offer their share to the general public. The shares cannot be traded on the public stock exchanges.

In order to register the private limited company. It is important for the private company to get a certificate of incorporation that is important for the formation of a new company.

Steps of Incorporating a Private Limited Company

Steps of Private Company Registration 

  1. To file an application for DIN along with DSC for identification number along with signature.
  2.  To select and then check for availability of the name that you will select.
  3.  To draft the memorandum of association along with an article of association.
  4.  To file an e- form with registrar of companies
  5.  To pay the registration fees along with stamp duty charges
  6. To verify the documents along with forms by registrar of companies
  7.  After all these major formalities, certificate of incorporation is issued to the director of the company.

Certificate of Incorporation

Important points regarding Certificate of Incorporation

  • The company should have proper name along with abbreviation
  •  The main statement of business purpose
  •  Address of the corporation registered office along with the agent who is registered for the given address.
  • Shares authorized to be issued along with the description of different types of stock.
  •  Address along with the name of the incorporated corporation

It is important that there should be a digital signature of the director of the corporation. These are the important points that can be taken into consideration for incorporation.

Steps after Company Incorporation

Once the process of company incorporation is completed then the next step is to hire the employees for the company. It is always suggestive to keep the deserving employees for your company because they will only take your company to new heights with their diligence and dedication.

Most of the employers get confused because they do not understand when is the best time to hire workers? Though there is no specific time to hire yet one can focus on the following points to hire a worthy candidate for the company.

  • The campus selection is the best procedure to hire a deserving candidate at the end of the semester of final year. The panel of interviewers with the subject experts can visit the reputed universities to hire an eligible candidate for the company.
  • Sometimes, when there is so much of workload in the company and the employees leave the job due to any emergency or you need to recruit a new candidate to distribute the workload then the candidate should be hired.

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Timcole, a consultancy firm, helps the clients to hire a deserving candidate for the company. They keep a long procedure of hiring a candidate and do not make errors in giving them the post according to their potential and capabilities. Their identification is being carried out properly with detailed information of their qualification and experience which they will utilize in giving benefits to the company.

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