The Right Way To Rock A Black T-shirt

The Right Way To Rock A Black T-shirt

When it comes to basic T-shirts for men, black shirts are arguably one of the best, yet they are much underrated. Black T-shirts were once considered the best option for a casual outfit, and thankfully, the trend is coming back. When worn in the right way, these black shirts add an amazing aesthetic to your look. Continue reading this guide to learn how you can look absolutely fly while wearing classy black T-shirts in several different ways.


Types Of Black T-shirts

For any T-shirt, the neckline design matters a lot. For instance, the crewnecks are one of the most widely worn T-shirts that come with a rounded neckline. Another common type of basic T-shirt is V-neck. V-necks usually are used with blazers. For the advanced versions, you can go for the granddad neck that comes with a button placket; this one is best worn under denim jackets or winter cardigans.


Fits For Black T-shirts For Men

There are no complications when it comes to fit. Generally, there are only three options for size in men’s T-shirts. These are the slim fit, regular fit, and the baggy fit. Although the most worn fit nowadays is the slim fit, all of these sizes have their special place in the menswear space. The preference mostly depends on personal taste. A general rule of thumb to follow different styles: slim-fit T-shirts look best when worn with slim-fit bottoms, the regular fit shirts are best paired with slightly slim or baggy bottoms, while the baggy black T-shirts suit best with big fit bottoms.


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Black T-shirts With Suits

There was a time when T-shirts were considered an option only for extreme casual outings. However, with the changing trends in fashion, we now see T-shirts playing a vital role in smart casual and semi-casual space for men. Black basic T-shirts, particularly the V-necks, add a slick aesthetic when worn with suits and blazers.

Black T-shirts With Jackets

There’s no second opinion when it comes to fitting a basic black T-shirt under a fine jacket. The combination of a black tee with a jacket is one of the most stylish and versatile, as it can be worn on full casual outings and even at evening drinks. When we speak of jackets, there is a rich profusion of styles you can opt for, but when it comes to denim jackets, you’d most likely pair it with a black or white basic. Another great cardigan is the suede jacket, which looks very sharp with the black T-shirt, and not to forget the bomber jacket, which looks incredibly superb with a black tee. The black T-shirt has a neutral tone, and therefore you can let the color of your jacket, its texture, and all the detailing, do the talking.


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