Useful tips to celebrate your colleague’s birthday without any hassle

Useful tips to celebrate your colleague’s birthday without any hassle

Do you people celebrate birthdays at the office or are you boring? Office birthdays are fun, you get to enjoy the place that is supposed to be quiet and you have to behave like an adult. But birthdays of your colleagues, perfect chance to have fun in whatever way you want to. Though there is no hard and fast rule that you have to make a big deal of all birthdays, it all depends on how you want to make it. 

Celebrating birthdays at the office is a never-ending trend. Birthdays ought to be fun and celebrating it with people you stay 9 house 5 to 6 days a week is not at all a bad idea because these are the people you spend most of your time with. Birthdays at the office are more fun because it gives you a break from the monotonous work and adds a fun element in your schedule. In fact, it improves the work culture and makes everyone more productive. Even if your office is already very fun, at least you get to make online cake delivery in Gurgaon and eat a cake. 

When you celebrate birthdays with enthusiasm, you will eagerly wait for people’s birthday, who knows, someone will do it for you as well. You know, celebrating your co-worker’s birthday is like showing appreciation to them. A simple act of buying a cake for someone can mean a lot to the birthday person. You may not like the person, but birthdays can be the common reason when you can enjoy them too. So, here are some helpful tips on how to celebrate your colleagues’ birthdays and make them hassle-free. 

Extra time off

When your birthday falls on a weekday,that means you will be spending more than half of your day at the office and with your colleagues. This leaves you with only two options, either waste half of the day waiting for the evening and go out with friends, or utilize the office time and make it fun and memorable. So, of course, you cannot force everyone to celebrate your bday, so, as a coworker, you should do it for the b’day person. Plan extra time off from the office. Talk to your superiors if you can get out of the office for some time to involve in some celebrations. Think of it as a chance to bunk the office during office hours, that is super exciting. This can be an ideal celebration idea if your office does not celebrate birthdays. If you cannot get time off for the whole team, at least request your boss to lend an early off to the birthday person. It will be a great thing to do on your part. 

Play games

If you want to make it really fun by involving the whole office, you can plan some easy games that can be easily played on your office premises. A fun game session is ideal; to make the celebration amazing and keep the mood light. Also, the involvement of everyone will make it even better. So, plan games like red hands, or all hands.

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These games don’t need anything else except the hands of your colleagues. Playing games with colleagues on birthdays makes it a perfect chance to interact with your fellow colleagues whom you don’t even know worked in the same office. So, make a list of some exciting games that can be easily played, who knows you may start a trend of gaming sessions on birthdays. 

Work on the work area 

My friends once disclosed to me that in their office what they do is, fill the work area or cubical of the birthday individual with birthday decorations. Trust me; when he said decorations, he was not at all talking about the ordinary type of decor. For that, they conceal the computer screen by tapping on memes that can relate to the birthday boy or girl, that too, before the individual even shows up in the office premises. 

Since we can order cake online through online cake delivery in Noida, they even place a cake along with this funny meme decoration. They additionally gather messages from everyone around the office and keep it mysterious, and anybody can write down any comments, and afterward, the birthday individual has to read those comments so everyone might hear. I truly loved this custom and would suggest doing this light activity in your office as well.

These are some ways you can celebrate your co-worker’s birthday and still stay away from the hassle. Hope these tips helped you and now you have enough ideas to make someone’s birthday a memorable day at the office.

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