What Are Essential Tools Required For Sublimation Printing?

What Are Essential Tools Required For Sublimation Printing?

The sublimation printing process is the latest invention in the printing industry. This printing process may sound complicated from its name, but it is really simple and easy to understand. T Sublimation definition: when a solid material turns into a gas without going through a liquid stage.

This means the sublimation process can be described as a technique in which the artwork is transferred to a substrate by the heat process. The sublimation ink is used for the printing process in this technique.

The heat press is used for solid-state sublimation ink into the gaseous form. This dye sublimation printing technique is totally different from various other printing methods. Here, we are going to discuss the various essential tools required for the sublimation printing process:

1. Sublimation Printer

The most important machine required for the sublimation printing process is the sublimation printer. The sublimation ink printer is constructed for both purposes- industrial use and home use. Earlier days, the sublimation machines are quite expensive.

Nowadays, the demand for printed products is increasing. The invention of the sublimation printer has significantly reduced the cost of printing. Sublimation clothing printing is widely popular.

2. Sublimation Paper

The sublimation paper is used to transfer the print on the substrate. Without sublimation paper, it is not possible to print the image. You can easily print a piece of artwork, customized logo, memorable picture, or any other design on the paper. Further, you can use this paper to transfer the image from the sublimation paper to the substrate.

3. Designing Software

There are various sublimation printers that need software to start printing operations. This printing software is known as RIP software. Here RIP stands for ‘Raster Image Processor.’ In this addition, not all kinds of printers are included. To print any design, you can hire a dye sublimation printing services provider.

4. Cutting Tool

You will also need a cutting device for the sublimation printing process, such as a knife or a rotary blade. The cutting tool is required while designing & creating original fabric items. The cutting products are available in a different style so that they can fulfill your needs and demands. The sewing machine is also required for the hemming process.

5. Heat Press

One more necessary tool required for the sublimation printing process is a heat press. The heating process is the next step after the sublimation of ink. Just like the sublimation printed, the heat press is also available in different types, sizes, models, and prices. The main objective of the heat process is to transfer the ink from the sublimation paper to the substrate like fabric, coffee mug, t-shirt, etc.

There are four different types of heat press:

  • Calender Heat Press

When you want to print the image or artwork on the large size and soft substrate, then you should choose the calendar heat press. This type of heat press is the perfect choice for large size of printing. The calendar press is large in size, and it can easily accommodate the printing on large size clothes such as sublimation printing t-shirts.

  • Small Heat Press

If you want to print on the small size images, then you can use a small heat press. This heat press can easily print in small items such as handheld kitchenware. This heat press is small in size and does not take large space.

  • Flatbed Heat Press

If you want to print on the hard surface like tiles or any other home décor item, the flatbed heat press is the right choice. The flatbed heat press is versatile and can be used for printing various types of material.

  • 3D Vacuum Heat Press

In case if you are dealing with very small items that are diverse in shape and edge, then you should use 3D vacuum heat press. The 3D vacuum heat press is designed for printing artwork on the different types of surfaces.

Benefits of Sublimation Printing

If you are searching for the best type of printed material, then always go for dye-sublimated printed substances. The dye sublimation printed materials are durable and free from wear and tear. The cracks on the printed material will not start appearing.

The visual appeal of the printed material will last for a long time. This type of printing technique can be used on different types of substrates, such as kitchenware, mousepads, fabrics, etc. Dye-sublimation printing is best for bedding and apparel. You can wash these items innumerable times, and the prints will not fade away.

Dye-sublimation printing is not just for fabrics, but it can be done on various kinds of materials. If you want to print the creative designs on different types of materials, then dye sublimation printing is the best option. This latest technology printing technique provides various opportunities to show the custom artwork piece.

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