Womens Contribution To The World Of Technology

Womens Contribution To The World Of Technology

Womens contribution to the world of technology. 9 ground-breaking facts that you should know about.

Many notable technological changes that shook the world were because of real help and commitment from women. The gender dispute is over, but the undermined efforts of these amazing ladies need to be shared with the world.

  1. Behind every Search Intent There Is A Woman

The search engines of today use natural language algorithms to facilitate our searches, but all of this wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of Karen Spark Jones. She was recruited in the Language Research Unit of Cambridge by another female professor. Now, I am academic writers in UK at low price. It was her idea to use thesauri into language processing that laid the foundation of all the big and small search engines we see today.

  1. She Cracked the Secrets of Our Universe

In the late 1980’s the head of the observatory at Harvard College wanted someone to crunch the astronomical number to make sense of all the stargazing. The computations of these findings were crucial as this would determine the relationship and effectively measure the Universe. When all the men in the house turned a blind eye, thinking it was clerical work. Edward Pickering hired his housemaid, Williamina Fleming. She gladly accepted the job and soon went on to lead a team of 80 women to do the computing.

  1. Female Computer Programmers

Coding and computing are considered to be a male profession, but what we do not know is that women were first to program a computer. During World War II, Harvard University was working for the US government. Harvard’s team had to do long, excruciating calculations to project where the missiles would hit. It was during this time when 2 men decide to build a computer that would effectively do these calculations. ENIAC is now considered the first electrical computer. However, it was women mathematicians who programmed the ENIAC to track ballistic trajectory.

  1. She Could Read Computer Language

In the late 1940s, Grace Hopper started working at Harvard Computation Lab, where she was working on the world’s first computer, i.e., Mark 1. Later on, she developed the first business-oriented machine called UNIVAC. She was also credited as one of the team members to create COBOL, which is still used as a standard for data processing.

  1. Before There Was “Go Daddy” There Was “Go Elizabeth”

When there was no internet, there was ARPAnet. It was just a series of nodes under the governance of the US department of defense through which all research institutes were connected. Among those nodes, Standford Research was responsible for handling the entire directory of fledging internet. This directory was run by Network Information Centre under a woman by the name of Elizabeth Feinler. She was the human version of google before any domain registration existed so if anyone wanted to collect address, register or change they had to ask Elizabeth

  1. Inventor of Hybrid Car Batteries

Anna Easily is known for working at a mid-century agency that would turn out to be NASA. She was also one of the four African American women to ever work on a reactor lab. Later, Anna started working as a programmer involving an energy conversion system. This led to her developing and implementing codes that led to the creation of batteries used in the first hybrid car.

  1. She Changed Tech Education

After being harassed and shunned by her family and friends for being transgender, Angelica Ross took the challenges head-on and emerged more successful. Later, Ross started her own venture called TransTech Social Enterprise, which helps people out of poverty through social work and tech education. She also helps transgender score an opportunity in the tech industry.


The world has dedicated most of the tech world glory to men and made it a notorious boys only industry. Many of us aren’t aware of the contributions made by women in this field. Search engines like https://www.ukwritingexperts.co.uk/academic-writing-service.php google and cars like Prius all had a women’s touch that made them successful. That’s why we say, “Behind every tech, there is a woman.”

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